The Medical Clinic


The costs of most medical care services in British Columbia are covered for residents of BC by BC Health Insurance through the Medical Services Plan. Patients who reside outside of Canada or who do not have current provincial health care coverage, from BC or another province must pay the fees for their clinic visit directly.

The following is a list of some of the common fees that patients are required to pay directly at the time of the visit to the clinic:

Basic Form Fee of Letter $25.00
Photo copying per page for first 10$1.35
Over 10 pages$0.35
Camp Medical$50.00
Complete Physical$149.00 to $195.00*
Consultation$164.00 to $214.00*
Counseling$149.00 to $195.00*
Depo Medrol$15.00
Disability Tax Credit$20.00
Drivers Medical School District$95.00
Drivers Medical Regular$55.00
Drivers Medical Senior$40.00
EI Medical$10.00
Employment Medical$50.00
Extensive form or Letter$35.00
Fire Fighter Medical$100.00
Foster Care Medical$50.00
Marine Medical$150.00
Missed Appointment Regular Visit$50.00
Missed Appointment Full Physical$75.00
MOT First Medical$170.00
MOT Repeat Medical$150.00
Office Visit$77.00 to $100.00*
Return to Work$25.00
School Medical$50.00
Transfer of Records (patients request)$50.00
WCB Occupational Medical$50.00

* exact fee depends on the patient's age