Residents / Students

We are happy to announce that the Medical Clinic has been a rural training site for 2nd year resident MDs from University of BC since 2009.  These young Medical Doctors have completed medical school and are in their final year of a 2 year post graduate training residency. They will be in our clinic throughout the year seeing patients under the supervision of one of the clinic MDs. The term of their Powell River stay is from 1-4 months. The presence of trainees allows us the opportunity of exposing them to the complexities and joys of practicing in a rural setting. We find that their enthusiasm and up to date knowledge invigorates our practice; we also find that teaching our younger colleagues is rewarding. It is also our hope that some of these doctors will choose to settle in Powell River.


Sometimes you may be asked if you would see a resident in the place of your regular family MD - it is always your choice whom you see. Please be aware that there always will be a supervising MD who will review the particulars of the visit, either at the time of visit or latter.

Accommodation is available for rent if requested in advance. There are a few options so the sooner you let us know your needs the better.

For enquiries regarding our elective programs contact The Medial Clinic Associates.

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